"If you know that He is righteous, you know that everyone who practices righteousness is born of Him" ref. 1 John 2:29

Are you hearing and doing what pleases the Father or are you frustrated and caught up in the same sins time & time again? I

christian life blessing bible God, christian end times tribulation

About us


We are everyday people who were once sinners. We heard the gospel and repented. We confessed our sins, believe in Him and started 'running the race' to win. We are saved by grace through faith and its not by any works we do.


It was all due to God loving us first and sending His only begotten Son to live a sinless life and die in our place on the cross. His sacrifice as the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world, was acceptable to God and He raised Him from the dead. So we too can live IF we repent, confess, believe and follow in the footsteps of the one who saved us, Yeshua (Jesus in English) the Messiah.

However we soon noticed that many believers were NOT living in the blessings of God; we ourselves experienced many problems with overcoming sin in our lives. Upon further study of God's word, we saw that we were actually rejecting God's word and instructions and it was slowing us down in the race; we were actually rebelling against His commandments that were meant for our blessing. So after time we decided to test what we believed, what was taught to us in the past and present, by well meaning pastors. Many of whom had the same problems with overcoming sin and walking in liberty. Yet many still continue in the same insanity - doing the same things and expecting a different results. So we tested what we believed against God's word, repented of what was in wrong and started living as God instructed. This was hard at times but God held true to His word and blessed us.


So after some years of study and actually living an obedient lifestyle that was in accordance with God's word, we decided to share what we found in His word. The great thing is when we started to do this, we noticed that many of the conflicts we encountered in various denominational teachings were no longer problems. It did not require the ignoring of certain scriptures or adding to the word of God. We also experienced more blessings, peace & a closer relationship to God. Just as the prodigal son disobeyed his Father and their relationship experienced some distance, the rebellious son soon learned that His Father's rules were for His own good. Once he repented & confessed, the Father accepted Him back with love. So much so He had a great celebration and it was all because what the son thought was right was not in accordance with his Father's word. So in short we want to share what life, joy, blessing and victory we have in returning to our Father and His word. We hope you grow and mature during your time here.

"Heaven and Earth will pass away but

My words will by no means pass away." 


Jesus in Matthew 24:35

If you are frustated in your walk with God, stop doing the same things over & over again.
Search the scriptures and His truth for Life!




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​Just as a loving parent puts forth rules of life for their children, so too did God give us His rules on how we can love Him and our neighbors in ways that are acceptable to Him. This site and the biblical information contained may conflict with what you believe. It might be different than what your pastor teaches and it can be hard to accept at times. Please understand that on judgment day when we stand before God we will not have our family, friends, pastor or our favorite TV evangelist by our side to give an answer for the errors & sin we let into our lives. With that said we hope this site will help you in the following areas...



 * Love & seek after God and base our beliefs on His good doctrine


 * Study the scriptures 'in context' to see what things apply to sinners, believers, etc.​


 * Learn to test everything against the word of God so we do not become disqualified from the prize


 * Conform to His image through the washing of His word by examining ourselves, dying to self & walking as He walked


 * Preach the gospel and/or give an answer for the hope that is within us to the Jew and gentiles



Be sure to test everything as scripture commands so when He returns you will hear...



"Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things,

I will make you a ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your Lord."

Jesus in Matthew 25:21


christian life blessing bible God, christian end times tribulation