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Here are some websites & free resources that offer more biblical teachings from a Hebraic perspective. Remember to test everything against the scriptures. 

Free PDF Downloads!

What is Messianic Judaism?
What is it? Something new or old? What are the beliefs? This PDF document goes over the basic beliefs in an easy to understand format. Summary of beliefs.
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Are God's commandments & His law been done away with?
For those that wish to handout something to those searching for the truth when it comes to God's commandments for the Believer today.  Another good teaching. 
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God's word, Translations, Torah and Haftarah and Apostolic reading schedule
For those who want a handout about God's word and how its arranged, the Torah portions and more. Another good teaching. 
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The Sabbath and Believers Today
 For those wondering what the Bible says about the Sabbath and is it only for the Jews?
For those who want a handout about God's Sabbath and how it's applicable today, download it for free. Another good teaching. 
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God's Dietary Instructions been done away with? 
For those who want a handout about God's dietary laws and if they are still applicable today. Another good teaching. 
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Hem, Fringes & Tzitzit
This newsletter looks the topic of Tzitzit, its history and believers today. A great handout for personal study or giveaway to others.  ;) 
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Tzitzit & Tallis class PDF
This PDF contains 45 slides from the class about Tzitzit & Tallis (prayer shawl). Lots of historical and biblical information. A great class for personal study, prison ministry or giveaway to other people.  ;) 
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What Romans 14
is not about
Some people misuse Romans 14 to say the Sabbath is optionable for believers today, but is that the truth? Download this PDF graphic and find out what it's really talking about.  ;) 
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Tradition, Tradition!
Traditions Newsletter which will focus on traditions, are they all bad? Are there good traditions? Can they help in our walk and other questions.  ;)
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What 's in a Name? Confronting the myths in the Faith
This 12-page newsletter discusses the Name of YHWH and the Messiah, confronts the myths and some false teachings about these names. It's full of in-context and biblical information that is useful for those who are new to the Messianic/Hebrew Roots walk. Click here to download!
The Four Miracles of the Messiah
During the time of the Messiah the religious leaders came up with four miracles that only the Messiah could perform. Did Yeshua fit the bill? Was he the Messiah? This newsletter answers that question.
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Are there angel/human hybrids?
Nephilim angel/human hybrids and should the Book of Enoch be included in the canon of scripture? Should we test these things against scripture? This newsletter looks to examine these issues. 
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More Newsletters coming soon!

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More Free Resources

The Talmud versus the Torah

These PDF files shows show the differences between the Talmud (the sage's opinions, rulings and doctrines of the rabbis) that are questionable and some times heretical. Why did the Messiah rebuke the religous leaders of the day? Did the 'traditions of the elders' really put unnecessary and heavy burdens on the people? Checkout One for Israel and (all of is in Hebrew so have a browser that will translate it) for more information on this and other topics. *Note: all rights reserved - the files below were originally in Hebrew but translated by web browser so forgive the obvious spelling errors, etc. Remember we are to test everything and hold fast to what is true. 

This PDF file shows 222 contraditions of the Talmud when compared against the Scriptures. It's not an all inclusive list but it gets the point across that the Talmud is flawed in many cases. Remember the Messiah rebuked the Pharisees for their man-made opinions and traditions that were given greater priority than YHWH's Torah. Click here to download. 

002 Oral law myth.jpg

This PDF file shows how the rulings of the sages ursurped the authority of the Torah and YHWH; and set the Sages up as kings/captains of the temple, who added heavy burdens to the people. This shows how they took power over the people after the destruction of the temple by their rulings. Click here to download. 

003 Embarrassing.jpg

This PDF file shows the false information of the sages when compared to the facts of science. For those who claim the sages rulings and words are truth will be amazed at the crazy things they believed and taught. Scripture says to test everything and hold fast to what it true. If that is the case then we can't say the Talmud is 100% truth. Click here to download. 

More Additional Resources

These PDF files have some great information on Messianic Judaism. However, they are written by their respective authors. They can be found for free on the internet but are posted here for your convenience. With that being said 

The Torah is Not the Law is a great pdf file you can download. It is probably one of the better explainations of what Torah actually is. The author goes over the defintion of Torah from a Hebraic point of view. We highly recommend it worth reading.
Click here to download
the PDF file.
Obey the Torah: The Key to YHVH's Blessings is another great pdf file you can download. It addresses the topic of obedience (and not just because we want to be blessed). The author goes over the defintions of Torah and why God wants us to obey from the heart. 
Click here to download
the PDF file.
Did Jesus Declare All Foods Clean?
The author goes over the Mark7:19 from a Hebraic point of view - looking at the scripture in-context to answer this question. We highly recommend it.
Click Here to download the PDF!
A Hebraic Perspective on Peter's Vision
The author looks at Acts chapter 10 to see if God gave permission to Peter to eat unclean foods or was it something else. Another great teaching to read. 
Click Here to download the PDF!
This book goes over a lot of information - its about Jews, proselytes and God fearers (the non-Jews, strangers & foreigners) who follow the Father. We highly recommend it.
Click Here to download the PDF!
This book goes over a lot of info on the correct study and application of the book of Galatians in regards to the Father's law (Torah). We highly recommend it.
Click Here to download the PDF!

Messianic Ministries

Here is a list of Messianic Ministries that provide solid teachings (at the time this was posted). While they have good teachings we still need to test teachings, messages, ministries and teachers. So it is on the individual to test everything. We hope you enjoy the following ministries. Shalom.

Isaiah 53 Explained

This site has good info in book format about Isaiah 53. They discuss how the scriptures tell of a Messiah who is known as Yeshua (Jesus). There are discussion forums and stories of Jewish people who have accepted the Yeshua as the Messiah.


A great place to for those who are of Jewish ancestory and wonder about the prophesies about the Messiah. 

Hoshana Rabbah

Another biblical Hebrew perspective website that has good teachings. The reading schedules includes portions of the Torah (1st 5 books of the bible), the prophets and sections of the New Testament for well rounded teachings. They also have study outlines in PDF format along with lots of other articles in PDF. A great site which we really enjoy & we hope you do too.

Torah Class

This site has good information and articles. Lots of teachings from the Old Testament and the New Testament in both audio and video format. The ebooks they offer on the Torah (first 5 books of the bible) is packed with great info. Tom Bradford is a great teacher who has done a lot of research on the Hebrew perspective of the bible. 


One of the better biblically based sites we have found so far. 

119 Ministries
119 Ministries

Another good site with articles, blogs and videos on the bible. Lots of video teachings explaining the word of God 'in context' and how it applies to believers (Jews and Gentile believers) today. Their video teachings are the best that we know of. The offer clearly thought out and in context, biblical teachings. 


Great teachings for those who like to see and hear - video production is really nice.

A website that has articles and videos from different sources that center around the bible and how the 'Torah' (God's instruction for life and blessing) has not been done away with.


This site has articles that other sites do not - good reading.


Another good site that offers teachings and info on the bible from a Hebraic perspective. Brad's teachings are challenging and informative. His teachings on Hebrew vs. Greek mindset is really good. Lots of articles with downloads of powerpoint slideshows. Brad also teaches around the U.S. - we got to see him teach and talk with him for a few hours afterward=a good time of learning and fun.



One For Israel

This site is has some good info for - from witnessing about the Messiah Yeshua to Jewish people in Israel and around the world, offers humanitarian aid to Holocost survivors and also offers a seminary that teaches Jewish and Arab believers.


A great place to for those who wonder about the prophesies about the Messiah and Yeshua.

Please spread the word & encourage others to checkout this website.

New 2 Torah

Another site that offers teachings on the bible from a Hebraic perspective. Zack the host, does a lot of videos via youTube. The teachings on Torah (God's instructions on how we can love Him and our neighbor) are informative. Zack also conducts interviews with pastors about the bible and how it applies to all mankind and not just the Jews.




This site while new has some good information on what the bible teaches vs. the doctrines and traditions of men. This was an issue during biblical times and its still revelant today - hence the title "Unlearn" these things which are in conflict with what the scriptures actually teach.

Please spread the word and encourage others to checkout this website.


Another site that offers teachings on the bible from a Hebraic perspective. Tim Hegg has some good information; he is really knowledgeable in Hebrew and Greek. I haven't been through all his teachings but so far its good.



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