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What if your spouse stood you up on all the dates he set up for you?

How would you feel if the person you were engaged to set up dates for the both of you throughout the year? Pretty happy I imagine. That person took the time out of their schedule to set aside everything and concentrate only on the two of you being together. It strengthens the relationship, it allows each to share with the other, it binds both together, etc, etc.

Now what would you think if one person ignored all these 'dates/times'? What if the bride to be ignored all these dates and times? Many would question if the bride to be was really serious about the relationship. If you would in that same situation as the groom, it would cause use to pause and perhaps rethink somethings.

So why do believers today ignore the Sabbaths and Feasts of the Lord? Those are times when HE, who created all things into existence, sets everything aside so He can be with you. But many ignore these 'dates' / set aside times claiming they have been done away with. Yet we see in scripture where the New Millennium is discussed that these times have not been done away with.

Perhaps its time to study the scriptures, test what we believe and follow God and His word, rather than the doctrines and traditions of men. Consider the parable of the wise & foolish virgins waiting for the bridegroom.

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