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Grace, Faith and Obedience are not compatible! Oh Really?

Christians today are under grace, not the law

This is probably the most used response to NOT observe the Sabbath. However in Acts 13:42-44 it states Gentiles believers were assembling for worship on the Sabbath to listen to Paul's preaching. What is interesting is that they all came back the next Sabbath to hear more. If the sabbath was done away with would not Paul, the apostle to the gentiles, correct such false teaching? Do we see where Paul tell them to come back on the next day which was 'Sunday' instead of the sabbath because they were "under grace"? No.

Furthermore, Paul specifically upheld God's Law and said it was applicable to all believers (Romans 3:31, 1 Corinthians 7:19). He also said that being under grace does not give Christians a license to sin (Romans 6:15). Paul continue to say that God's law is "holy, righteous and good" (Romans 7:12).

So why do a lot of believers twist his words to mean that being "under grace" gives them a license to break the fourth commandment by substituting some other day for another? Would believers use the same logic and say that being under grace means they can break the sixth commandment: "You shall not murder?" Did God say, "You shall not murder except when you are under grace?" No. Being under "grace" simply means the blood of Christ has forgiven us and we are no longer under the penalties or condemnation of the Law - it does not mean we are free to continue in sin by disobeying His commandments. Many seem to think that Grace, Faith and Obedience are not compatible, that Grace and God's instruction (i.e. His law) are opposites, however the believers of the New Testament understood that that all work together. Watch the following video about this topic...

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