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What is Good Fruit?

This is a question many have asked but most don't know the answer. God's word was written in Hebrew and that language is very action based. We don't see many abstract ideas and if we do, we need to go back to where it first appeared in the bible. The first word 'fruit' appears in Genesis 1:11 and its seen as being something that reproduces. In the paleo Hebrew we see the pictographs and how it could be defined today...

good fruit.png

If we are to be judged by our fruit, then we need to make a decision to not choose to satisfy the fleshy that fights against the Spirit of One who is in us (the Messiah). If we are to be truly lights, don't hide it under a bushel. Choose to reproduce the words and actions that show the life of the Messiah in us. Shalom,



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