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Galatians, What a Misunderstood Book PDF

Since this topic of observing the Law is met with such debate, there are always those that bring up the book of Galatians. It is one of the 'silver bullets' that many believers use despite all the numerous scriptureal proofs showing the Fathter's law, commandments, etc have not been done away with. We even see the Law/Torah being observed in the New Millennium. So with so many pulling Galatians out of context lets look at what the book really says.

I first started off to repost this article from the folks at www.EliYah.com in a 4 or 5 part series but this web blog service HATES long posts so it would have ended up as a 14 part series and that would require a ton of work producing pictures so everything came out ok. So I ended up making a downloadable PDF to make it easier.

To get the PDF please go to the Resources Page for the Galatians study.

Note: The Galatians PDF is toward the bottom of that page.

Again many thanks to the believers at www.EliYah.com for allowing us to repost this great study.

Shalom, Stephen

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