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True Repentance

In Hebrew Teshuva is the word for Repentance.

It was on my heart to write about this because Wednesday, August 31, 2011 – also know on the Hebrew calendar as Elul 1, 5771, began the forty days of repentance which lead to Yom Kippur. The root word for Teshuva is the word שוב pronounced Shoov which carries with it a lot of meaning.

First it means to turn away, cease and desist which makes sense when sin is defined as missing the mark. For example, before I came into Torah I was missing the mark by neglecting the Shabbat and the rest of Yaweh's יהוהs appointed times. Once I teshuva, then I am now observing Shabbat and the appointed times of Yahweh יהוה

Second, Shoov שוב also means to return to God and to return to the doing of, which tells me that when true repentance occurs I cease my wickedness and rebellion then return to and begin to do what יהוה is pleasing in His sight. Many times we hear teaching on repentance where repent means to have a change of heart and mind, which is true, yet it fails to describe what happens as the result of having a new heart and mind. To me it is clear that repentance means I return to Yahweh יהוה and by faith I live in accordance with His teaching and instruction.

Over the next forty days (the forty days prior to יהוה Yom Kippur) as reveals areas in our lives where we are missing the mark, let’s return to doing what He wants out of love for יהוה and His deliverance through Yeshua!


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