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G.L.O. Prison Ministry is a Go!

GLO Prison Ministry is a GO! Wow, something that was supposed to take 3-4 months happened in just over a month. God parted the waters and that means there is a need for Messianic ministry. The first meeting will be this Friday (Sabbath service).

I was originally told it would take 3-4 months, then I got my training stuff all done faster than expected, then I was told it would be the 2nd or 3rd week in December that I would start. However, after orientation at the prison I was told they would get permission to start this Friday, ahead of schedule.

One thing people might not know is that people in prison can't just have a bible study whenever they want. Depending on the security level of the prison they limit the number of inmates that can attend. With that being said, if there is a volunteer the number of people is increased. So that is a blessing.

Looking forward to ministry - I have some lessons (the free pdf newsletters on www.graceloveobey.com links and resources page) but also looking at other materials like FFOZ and 119 Ministries. If you know of some good Messianic materials please leave a link in the comments section below.

Will post more as time goes on. Shalom.

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